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Are you at risk?

Virtually everyone is!

Increased Risk

Patients aged 18-39 without lifestyle risk factors

  • Sexually active (HPV16/18)

High risk

Patients aged 40 and older with lifestyle risk factor

  • Tobacco users (any age, any type)

Highest Risk

Patients aged 40 and older with lifestyle risk factors
(Tobacco use/alcohol consumption)

  • Patients with history of oral cancer

*Lifestyle risk factors are defined as tobacco use, chronic alcohol use of at least two ounces of alcohol three times per week and HPV.

Your Clinical Dental Technician (CDT) can perform a Microlux/DL enhanced diffused light exam, in combination with a conventional visual examination. This technology has been proved successful at identifying abnormalities that could lead to pre cancer or cancer by helping identify any oral lesions at their earliest stage of development. Any abnormal areas can be then evaluated and monitored and referred to the appropriate specialist for further investigation.